Our Service Living Abroad in Barcelona

Our dedication and experience guarantee the quality of our work.

Living Abroad in Barcelona offers a unique service aimed at a very specific sector. Clients will benefit not only themselves but also, by extension, their families. It is important to clarify that we are not a relocation company as our service is personalized; it is focused to give support and accompaniment to the woman.

It is a VIP service. Adapted to each client, irrespective of their situation or nationality.

We offer to cover the needs and address any doubts that may arise during the first months.

Barcelona is a very attractive city with different languages and ways of living differing from those of your country.

Our Service

This service consists of three phases:

1 – Completion of the Contact Form, in which the client expresses her concerns and specific needs. The reasons why she wants to stablish grounds for colaboration.

2 – Personal interwiev or by skype.

3 – Adjust the budget/rate according to your needs and the time that requires our involvement / dedication.

4 – Acceptance of the budget agreement.

1 – Accompaniment for the first month, in which we will solve together everything that, scheduled previously or not, will arise in the first weeks, either personally, family or professionaly. From practical questions such as finding the best hairdresser, esthetician, or personal trainer, arranging a visit with your child’s teacher at school and act as a translator, to more relevant questions such as finding your child’s pediatrician, your gynecologist, dentist or physiotherapist.

There are indeed many new situations that can arise in an unfamiliar country and that become more bearable when they can be easily resolved and without stress.

1 – Accompaniment during the second month of support that will bring balance and tranquility to the integration process.

Going to live abroad requires organization and certain knowledge.

2 – Lessons and Workshops to learn basic expressions in Catalan and Spanish, to discover Catalan and Spanish traditions and customs, to reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence, to reduce stress, etc. (some workshops will have a fee supplement).

We consider two months as a suitable period of time for our accompaniment. We are nevertheless at your disposal to continue, should the need arrives.

Post the two months accompaniment contract, we offer the possibility of extending our services.

These are some of the most common needs that will arise in the first months of living in Barcelona. Clearly, other situations will come up and we will solve these easily and with pleasure.