Our Clients Living Abroad in Barcelona

Let me be your assistant while you settle down in Barcelona.

They have already joined the service we offer in Living Abroad in Barcelona, would you like to know  about their experiences with us?  Here some…

“Extremely kind are the words that come to mind when I think about Lis.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for 10 years, during which she helped me in some important projects.
Since the beginning of our collaboration I know her as an energetic and goal-oriented person…
Lis is a true asset for guiding ambitious woman to any positions or jobs requiring motivation and determination.”

Mme. Iness Daelman, Executive Producer INEZZ Production Services
“I am very grateful to Living Abroad in Barcelona for the solutions it provided me in my new life in Bcn and for the easy and speed with which my adaptation took place, taking into account our customs, traditions and culture. This great support helped me to integrate myself and my family, in a fluid and fast way that made me feel comfortable and that everything developed in a friendly and efficient manner.”
Mrs. R. Gimeno, Gemologist & airline business expat's wife

“After more than 4 country transfers and, although in my family we are more than used to the periods of adaptation, Living Abroad in Barcelona seems to me an excellent initiative to make first steps in any beginning of stage easier and more enriching. Certainly practical issues are important (recommendations on where to live, what school is the most advisable, …), but what it really counts are those that help to fully integrate with the culture of the destination country, professionally and personally.
Barcelona is a fantastic destination to live. Let yourself be accompanied from the first minute.”

Mrs. Isabel Luengo, Senior Manager & Food sector expat's wife
“Lis Lladó is very friendly and a very nice and sympathetic person.
She can help a lot of people living in Spain in a nice, professional and experiential way.
When I lived here, she helped me with integration and culture. She is very communicative and inspiring personality. Amazing experience!!!”
Mevrouw Manuela Maia, Haute couture Designer& Dutch expat's wife
“Lis I wanted to thank you for your kind and effective support, since I was in a country I do not know, my husband travels a lot and I was alone with my children most of the time. You were very helpful when I had to buy my furniture, when I had to enroll the boys in school and I didn’t know where to start with, that night my younger son was ill and I didn’t know where to take him calling you late at night and you kindly accompanied me to the hospital ! And all those hard moments I have been going through during the first period on my arrival in Barcelona, even introducing myself when shopping in the supermarket which was very difficult to buy with differents brands and products, …. Your support made me feel much better and slow down my anguish for not knowing where to go and not speaking the language properly.
Again, many thanks for being there unconditionally for me and my family!!!”
Sra. Evangelina Valli, Football player's wife