Testimonis Living Abroad in Barcelona

Déjame acompanyar-te i ser el teu punt de suport en la teva nova vida a Barcelona.

Elles ja coneixen el servei que oferim a Living Abroad in Barcelona, ¿vols conèixer la seva experiència?

“Absolument gentil” sont les mots qui viennent à l’esprit lorsque je pense à Lis.
J’ai eu le plaisir de la connaître pendant 10 ans, au cours de laquelle elle m’a aidé dans des projets importants. Depuis le début de notre collaboration, je la connais comme une personne énergique et axée sur les objectifs. Lis est un véritable valeur pour guider une femme ambitieuse vers des postes ou des emplois nécessitant une motivation et une détermination.”
Mme. Iness Daelman, Executive Producer INEZZ Production Services
“Lis I wanted to thank you for your kind and effective support, since I was in a country I do not know, my husband travels a lot and I was alone with my children most of the time. You were very helpful when I had to buy my furniture, when I had to enroll the boys in school and I didn’t know where to start with, that night my younger son was ill and I didn’t know where to take him calling you late at night and kindly accompanied me to the hospital ! And all those hard moments I have been going through during the first period on my arrival in Barcelona, even introducing myself when shopping in the supermarket which was very difficult to buy with differents brands and products,… Your support made me feel much better and slow down my anguish for not knowing where to go.
Again many thanks for being there unconditionally for me and my family!!!”
Sra. Evangelina Valli, Football player's wife

“Estoy muy agradecida a Living Abroad in Barcelona por las soluciones que me facilitó en mi nueva vida en Bcn y por la facilidad y rapidez con las que transcurrió mi adaptación, teniendo en cuenta mis costumbres y mi cultura. Su apoyo me ayudó a integrarme de una manera fluida y rápida, lo cual me hizo sentir cómoda y que todo se desarrollara de una manera amable y eficiente.”

Mrs. R. Gimeno, Gemologist & airline business expat's wife

“Lis Lladó es muy amable y simpática.
 Ella puede ayudar a muchas personas que viven en barcelona de una manera agradable, profesional y experiencial. 
Cuando viví aquí, ella me ayudó con la integración y la cultura. 
Ella es muy comunicativa e inspiradora personalidad. Gran experiencia !!!”

“Lis Lladó is heel vriendelijk en een sympathieke persoon. Zij kan op een aardige, professioneel en ervaring manier heel veel mensen helpen die in Spanje komen wonen. Toen ik hier kwam wonen, heeft zij mij ontzettend geholpen met integratie en cultuur. Zij is heel communicatief en een inspirerende persoonlijkheid. Geweldige ervaring!!!”

Mevrouw Manuela Maia, Haute couture Designer& Dutch expat's wife
“After more than 4 country transfers and, although in my family we are more than used to the periods of adaptation, Living Abroad in Barcelona seems to me an excellent initiative to make first steps in any beginning of stage easier and more enriching. Certainly practical issues are important (recommendations on where to live, what school is the most advisable,…), but what really counts are those that help to fully integrate with the culture of the destination country, professionally and personally.
Barcelona is a fantastic destination to live. Let yourself be accompanied from the first minut!”
Mrs. Isabel Luengo, Senior Manager & Food sector expat's wife