About Me Living Abroad in Barcelona

Our final goal is the well-being of women coming to live in BCN making this transition a smooth and gentle process.

My name is Lis Lladó, 53 years, mother of 2 young girls, founder of Living Abroad in Barcelona and the creator of Your immersion in 30 days program designed for your first month in Barcelona to be effective and productive for you and your family.

I am Spanish and Catalan. For the past 30 years I worked for an airline which gave me the opportunity to travel extensively around the world.

Acquiring a wider and flexible vision of other cultures and societies made me, no doubt, a different person, and a definitely lover of discovering the beauty of each society I have had the pleasure of visiting.

I have always been fascinated by interpersonal relationships, regardless of nationality, beliefs, religions, ages… and perhaps that is the reason why my university education was oriented towards the Psychology of organizations.

After those 30 years working with Royal Ducth Airlines (KLM) I decided to change course. I took the path of personal development by returning to the University to pursue a master’s degree in Personal Growth.

I am grateful for my life, even though it has not come easily, I firmly believe in working hard in order to achieve our dreams and goals.

At this new stage of my life and, from my own experience as a daughter of expats in different countries, I decided to use my personal experience and skills to help other women to address their concerns when moving to a new country.

Living Abroad in Barcelona will be your support and go to for any situation.

I admit that there is an innate part of me that empathizes with the feelings of others that facilitates connecting and accompaniment.

My role as a social facilitator in Living Abroad in Barcelona has as its final goal the well-being of women coming to live in Bcn. By providing you the tools and knowledge we will make your integration a smooth and gentle process.

Currently, I continue to participate and collaborate as a volunteer in solidarity and humanitarian projects.

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