Living Abroad in Barcelona

Confidentiality and personalized service are the key of our success.

Living Abroad in Barcelona it is a new concept of accompaniment that is transforming the way in which foreign women who come to Barcelona live this stage of integration, adaptation and transition enjoying with joy and confidence.

This website is dedicated to those women who have decided to take the step of coming to live in Barcelona; alone or with their families, for personal or professional reasons.

We offer a woman-to-woman accompaniment to both executive women who have chosen to pursue their professional career in Barcelona, as well as expat’s wifes. Women who are looking to integrate themeselves into their new environment.

We will share and solve the day-to-day issues of the city. We will discover together the customs and traditions of the new society and all those new situations and circumstances that arise when we start life in a new country.

We want to make your life easier, be your support at this new stage and make this process of transition comfortable and stress free.

This adventure will be fascinating. Living Abroad in Barcelona will offer you peace of mind and the confidence of another woman who knows the local terrain.

We will accompany you personally in this process, listening to your concerns and managing your transition.